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Happy Birthday Mr. Vice President

Hey everybody! Since Joe turns 69 today, I created this picspam in his honor. These are all things I like. All of these are my own opinions of course. Hope you enjoy.

And if anyone wants to join the picspam fun, please feel free...

I like when Joe is energetic and enthusiastic...

I like when Joe appears at a building where I've done jury duty at...

I like when Joe gets passionate about things he likes...

Such as Fire Trucks!

and Teachers' Unions (Jill can tag along, too.)!

and the Troops!

Speaking of Jill, I like Joe loving Jill:

I like it when Joe campaigns for Obama-Biden 2012...

I like it when Joe gets close with Barack...
(Those of you who are on my Friends List unfortunately already know that I 'ship them hard and should expect to see a new Barack/Joe smut on my journal tonight as a second part of the birthday tribute. Be Warned.)

I like it when Joe meets foreign dignitaries...

I like it when Joe gets only partially clothed...:D

But most of all, I like it when Joe is smiling...

In conclusion, have a happy birthday Joe!
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